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Welcoming the spirit world and the full Moon in Taurus

Just love this time of year when the veil between the living and the afterlife is like a fog or mist. If you’ve ever walked in the fog you’ll know how your sense of space and direction becomes blurred and vision is impaired. This is the time of year when pay homage our ancestors – my family’s tradition is to have a special feast to which we invite all our loved ones who have passed from this life to the next.

Together we recall times past and share stories about them with our children. Most cultures have similar traditions. In our culture we believe that those that have passed beyond the sun continue being present in our lives - as spirits they live on. Only their energy has changed form. At this time of year, they come to visit us and we honour them by talking to them, laying a place a the table for them and remembering our lives together. But just as important is to also say your farewells and let the spirits go, so they can return next year.

This weekend we also see a full Moon eclipse in Taurus. The Moon is strong in the earth sign of Taurus. Taurus reflects questions regarding your sense of security, what makes you feel safe, and with the Moon in this placement, your thoughts and feelings will no doubt ponder these issues. What needs to change in your life to feel more secure? Maybe you need to let something go – a relationship, an attitude, something else? Taurus is also about what gives you pleasure, what makes you feel fulfilled? Sometimes we inhibit ourselves thinking that we are serving others better by putting them first. This is a fine line. Trust me, when you are happy and feel fulfilled, your true loved ones and friends will profit from your positive energy. Let go of your restrictive inner dialogue, let yourself feel free and witness the world change around you.

Light a candle, give thanks to your ancestors and ponder what you need to change to feel more fulfilled.

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