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Why do you need to know my birth place in order to provide a report? 

The Birth Chart is a snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth. As the Earth rotates, the Planets are moving constantly. So, if you were to look up at the sky at that moment, depending on whether you are in New York or Kenya or Adelaide, you would see a different picture. This will be your life’s footprint if you like. Your location will influence the placement of your Rising sign and this in turn determines how different spheres of life will impact you.


Why do you need to know where I plan to celebrate my birthday? 

For the Birthday Report this is very important and some people even travel to specific places to celebrate their birthdays believing that the energy of the planets will have a more beneficial effect on their lives there for the coming year. The Birthday Report is calculated when the Sun reaches the same degrees in that year as it did at the time of your birth. So your birthday may be even a day earlier or later! Every year the planets give you new energy and their strength will change depending on your location. Also your location influences the placement of your Rising sign and this in turn determines how different spheres of life will impact you.


What if I don’t know my birth time? 

Often the birth time is on your long birth certificate (the short ones usually don’t mention it) or maybe your family still has the birth announcement which often states the time and place? If you are unable to find out, the reading will be less precise, and I recommend you state the time as 12:00 noon. If however you know you were born in the evening then state 18:00. If you book a personal session then by answering some simple questions about your life to date, the astrologer can usually pin-point a closer time of birth.


How often do Group Meditation Sessions take place? 

Each Group session lasts 21 days and usually starts with a New Moon. As I also consult in person they are restricted to the times I have available. However, I try to start a new group session every few months.


What is the advantage of making a profile on your web page? 

If you take the time to create a profile it will make it easier for you to sign up for sessions or order e-reports or consultations. Also you will be able to receive my blog and information about upcoming new events. As I dislike receiving too many email updates, I imagine my clients are similar, so I tend to restrict these to one or two per month.


What method do you use for online consultations? 

My preferred method is Microsoft Teams. If you don’t have a Teams account, this is not a problem. When we arrange a consultation you will receive and invitation to join a chat and will not need to make your own account.


How will I receive my E-Report? 

Once payment has been received the E-Report will be sent to the email address provided. You should receive your E-Report within 36 hours. If not – first check your Spam folder and if it is not there, feel free to contact me on


Can I print off my E-Report? 

Of course! It will be sent in colour in PDF, so you can easily print it off at home. Don’t forget to turn the printer to greyscale or black and white printing if you don’t need the colour!


Can I print off my Birth Chart? 

The Birth Chart is sent as a PDF document so you can easily print if off at home. Here I do suggest printing it in colour so that you can appreciate the different colours of your personal chart.


Who can I contact if I have a problem? 

I am a one man or rather one woman show, so if you do have a problem, please drop me a line on my email and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please be patient, but I should respond within 36 hours.


Can I take part in your sessions even if I live on the other side of the world? 

The internet has brought us all together and we should use this tool to our advantage. This is way I provide various times for my services, hoping that we can connect from all corners of the world. Also Group sessions become even more fun when like minded people join together from all over the world.


Do you provide consultations in English only? 

I am happy to provide all my consultations in English, Latvian and German however, E-Reports are only in English.


How do I prepare for a Bioresonance session?

Avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours before your session, avoid smoking on the day of the session and do not eat or drink for at least one hour before the session. You can drink as much water as you like and it is even advisable to be well hydrated at all times. During the session you will be required to to take off jewellery, watches and empty your pocket of coins and keys or other metals. Cosmetics, especially on your forehead can give an incorrect reading. You will be able to do your make up after the session, before leaving. I also recommend making a list of any health or emotional and day-to-day concerns you may have.


What are your qualifications?

Actually, I come from the world of international business and networking. However, I have been interested in astrology since I was a child and the metaphysical world always fascinated me. In my childhood such interests weren’t supported and like many others I took the route preferred by society. Much later in life my childhood interests reemerged, and I studied astropsychology and holistic healing and gained my diplomas in both of these fields. Since then, I have not looked back and feel I have found the place I feel happy in. I’ve always wanted to help others, but it wasn’t until I finished these studies that I understood how accessible simple, maybe forgotten, methods are to all of us. I believe that the idea of living a healthy and harmonious life without spending money on medicines, supplements, fake food or toxic cleaning chemicals not only appeals, but is also a necessity in this day and age. Becoming aware of who we are and our purpose in this life makes our journeys that much more comfortable.

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