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The Full Story

Anuvindanti is a health and well-being site that takes its name from the ancient Sanskrit language. The word "Anuvindanti" translated means "to follow, to seek, or to pursue." This name was chosen because it reflects the site's mission of helping people to pursue their best selves by providing valuable information and resources on health and wellness. 

My name is Anita and I am a healer and astrologer offering a holistic approach to well-being. My background has taught me how the mind, body and spirit interact and influence the energy I choose to live in. Psychosomatics shows how emotional or mental experiences physically affect the body. Since birth I have been fascinated with energy – this seemingly invisible veil that is all around us, within us, it is us! 

We are all energy, everything around us has energy and as such we resonate with each other. If I emanate positive energy, this is what I will attract. And visa versa – if I emanate negative energy, I should not be surprised if I encounter problems in my relationships and have health problems. At the moment of birth, when you vocalise your first sounds on this earth, the planets give you their energy and this marks your energy footprint in this life.  

Each person’s life path can still take various routes, because each individual determines how they will deal with challenges – are they stepping stones or obstacles? How you deal with fortune – do you share your resources with your community or do you squander it all? We each choose to come into this life to learn something and nobody said it would be easy! But at each cross-roads it is still your choice which way you decide to go, which avenue do you close and not return to and which one are you prepared to experience.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all guides on my life path – all my ancestors, my parents, my siblings, my children and husband, my true friends, the various communities I have lived in, my heritage and of course all my teachers. I am grateful to all those that have shared their knowledge and experiences with me and supported me on my journey. I am also grateful for all the challenges, difficulties and heartache I have encountered along the way, because without these I would not have discovered the vast opportunities this world has to offer. 

Paldies! Paldies! Paldies!

It is an ancient Latvian tradition to say “Thank you” three times in a row as it gives additional strength to the magical word of gratitude.  

My Background

My family’s roots are Latvian - an ancient culture by the Baltic sea, where even today holistic living is not something you learn from a book, but where it is a part of everyday life. Music was an integral part of my life as I grew up, singing folk songs that were thousand year old four line “Dainas”* - there seemed to be a song for everything we did. 

(* "Dainas" - traditional poems or folk songs of which some two million have been recorded to this day.)

The word Daina is said to be derived from  the Indo-European root “dhi” or “dhei” meaning “to give thought to”. These songs depict the Latvian understanding of the world in which people and nature lived in harmony. The same Dainas teach us how to heal and remind us that our bodies have their own self- healing abilities. The importance of not only physical, but also emotional health is underlined. In fact, the word for health in Latvian is “vesels” which directly translated means “whole” – being “vesels” or whole refers not only to physical health, but also to mental health, a healthy attitude to life and living in harmony with others. It is something that is not detached, it is full, complete and has potential.

I believe that in order to heal, we need to look at ourselves from all of these aspects – we need to live a wholesome life. Our energy then vibrates in harmony with the world around us. When there is disharmony or when we do not resonate in harmony – illness prevails.

In my work, I like to see myself as your guide on your journey to living in harmony with yourself and the world around you. In doing so, self-healing will kick in and the journey will be harmonious and successful. My interest in energy and the vibrations around us stems from many of these traditions.

And so I came to astrology. Each planet has its own vibration, each symbol has its own vibration. In fact, each word or sound we make, each note we sing or play, directly influences our well-being. When we sing our health improves! If Latvians knew this hundreds of years ago, now there is scientific proof that music and sound has a direct positive impact on your health. 


Latvian symbols 

Our main symbols are those for the Sun and the Moon. In folktales it is said that once the Sun and Moon were married, but they fell out and so the Sun shines during the day and the Moon at night. Latvian’s believe they should help the Sun shine and continue giving warmth – during the winter solstice a log is burnt so that the Sun can roll easier towards the summer and during the summer solstice a high bonfire is built, so that the light and warmth of the fire help the Sun in her task to give light, fertility and blessings to all on their journey towards autumn.


The Moon is like a father to the stars. It is said that God covers the sky with a shawl at night which has many small glistening lights – the stars - that guide you on your journey. Many tasks are planned in accordance with the Moon calendar as Latvians understood that the Moon's phases influence the earth and it’s inhabitants. Even today Latvian calendars and diaries will show the phases of the Moon so that everyday tasks can be planned accordingly.



Psychosomatics, another ancient Latvian tradition, speaks of the connection between your health and your behaviour, your emotions. Each organ, body part or system reacts by changing its frequency in accordance with your mood.  If you are happy, you are healthy, you can heal. If you have a healthy attitude towards events or challenges in your life, your health will not suffer. Emotional health is directly connected to immunity. When experiencing negative emotions, your body switches to stress mode and health defence systems are shut-down and various physical ailments start to show. Stress depletes energy and if not immediately, with time illness will show it’s face. Unfortunately, the majority of people live constantly under some type of stress and need to relearn how to relax and listen to their bodies.

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