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Vocation E-Report

Although many expect this type of report to give a clear answer to which job to take, life isn’t as straight forward as that. Long gone are the days when you either became a lawyer, a doctor or a salesman.

This report describes your vocational potential. What type of career is your character best suited for? How can you best generate income? What type of work place will you feel happy in? What line of work were you destined to do in this life time?

After reading the report you will have a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Possibly the type of work you’d best be suited for doesn’t exist yet? Maybe you have the potential to invent something new? In this day and age we have to adapt to the ever changing world. This report will guide you in the best direction.  


The report is approximately 21 pages long and can be downloaded as a pdf. 


Vocation E-Report
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