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Full Moon in Cancer

Come the 26th December we will welcome the full moon in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Those of you that are fortunate to live away from environmental light pollution may already have been able to witness the power of this Moon since the winter solstice. Cancer is the sign that speaks about family, nurturing, nourishment, looking after yourself and your loved ones. It is feeling safe. Just as you felt safe in your mother’s womb, so the protective waters of Cancer reminds you that in spite of the ebbs and flows of daily life, you can feel safe and supported in your family, your support system. Cancer is a water sign – there may be tears, feelings of vulnerability, deep emotions. Also, relationships are put in the spotlight. Sounds very much like the annual Christmas dinner? No surprises there then.

Now the Moon is in its own sign of Cancer and feels very much at home here. At the same time, the Moon is forming a favourable aspect, called a sextile, to Jupiter – the most benevolent planet, the planet of plenty, which at this moment in time travelling through Taurus. As the Moon has a special relationship with Taurus and Jupiter has a special relationship with Cancer, this implies that we should feel more ready and able to offer service and support to those who need it – including ourselves. Traditionally this is a time when we either spend more time with family (or those that feel like family) or give our family ties more thought and this Moon and Jupiter aspect can be used to generate more loving and healing relationships. As the Moon also represents the body and Taurus is an Earth sign, this puts emphasis on nourishment – so on the one hand, don’t overindulge, but more importantly this is time to really value the food on the table, the nourishment our earth and our family relationships provide for us. Value the love you receive from others and share your own love with abundance.

If you have your birth chart to hand – take a look and see which area of your chart the Moon and Jupiter are transiting and this will give you a better idea where this will impact you the most. Don’t have a birth chart – order one here or better still, sign up for an online consultation

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