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High Blood Pressure (140/90)

Do you suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension? It may of course be due to medication that you are taking, foods you are digesting or stress at home or work. But I’d like to introduce you to the psychosomatics of this scary thing and suggest a simple way of dealing with high blood pressure, especially if it comes about unannounced.

Blood represents life energy and blood vessels – the transport routes for your life energy. Your blood pressure indicates the way you relate to events and challenges in your life. An increase in blood pressure is combat energy – you are fighting. If you are actually fighting physically as part of a sport, your blood pressure will be normal. However, if you are fighting something, but not actually going into combat, you are suppressing this energy and it is causing a rise in blood pressure. If you then take medication to lower your blood pressure, you may have side effects because you are ignoring this great energy that needs a solution. Anxiety and/or stress over a long period of time is caused by fear, loss of trust and not being willing to accept a particular situation.

Think of the saying “I’m under pressure” which explains it so simply. It is often accompanied with the belief that you need to be in control of everything. That without you, everything will collapse. You believe you are indispensable. When high blood pressure appears later in life it is often due to a block in communication channels.

Astrology also speaks to your health so with hypertension look out for your Mars (represents blood) and see if it is making a challenging aspect to your Sun. Look to your Moon (blood disorders, formation of blood and hemoglobin) and Jupiter (blood flow). Further check out which Houses are affected – pay special attention to the 4th  (the blood and heart), 6th (diseases and blood) and the 12th   (fluids in the body).

Amongst the many things that can help – look for resolutions to conflicts instead of harbouring them, stop trying to be in charge, use your energy to finish tasks, communicate and breathe! Breathe in slowly through your nose and then breathe out loudly liberating yourself from any and all tension in the body. If you can, shout out a loud and as long as possible a couple of times. You will feel the relief instantly.

However, if you are caught in a stressful situation and feel your blood pressure rising, press your nail on the cushion of either or both of your thumbs. If you have sewing needle, make a prick in your thumb. This will release pressure.

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The soft cushion of a thumb

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