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Your Heart

Last week a close friend of mine found herself in hospital having suffered a heart attack. This made me think more on the subject of the heart, and it’s profound meaning in our lives. Research shows that the heart and brain both have brain cells and communicate with each other. The heart has its own intelligence and influences your well-being. To find out more check out this link: HeartMath Institute 

Symbolically the heart is considered your soul’s home, it is the source of your life energy. The archetype for the heart is the Sun. In astrology, the Sun gives life and represents our will to live. Planets revolve around the Sun and it is thought to show our life’s purpose – where we can shine. (Often referred to as you Sun sign or Zodiac sign).

The heart is also the centre – your life centre, it is unity – no more, them and us, but a place where love resides bringing us all together as one. Think of some of the sayings mentioning the Heart – “Your heart is in the right place”, To wear your heart on your sleeve”, “Follow your heart”. It shows the depths of your emotions “You broke my heart”, “My heart skipped a beat” or “I have a heavy heart” and also has an unsurpassable sensitivity to all that is happening in your life – “To listen with your heart” or “To have a change of heart” or “To open your heart”.

The task of the heart is through love and unity to maintain your life energy (blood flow) and sustain your life’s rhythm (heart beats).

Therefore, it is no surprise that any illnesses connected to the heart has a great impact on your life. A heart attack symbolises a restriction in your life energy – it is as if this channel of energy is being choked. It is your life energy’s call for help, for support – to admit that your ego with all it’s demands on you has dominated matters of the heart. There is a need to restore the flow of energy by being honest and not hiding that which is troubling you, be it anger, hate, revenge, sadness or pain. When you admit to and acknowledge these emotions (to start with to yourself), you can make space for inner peace. Usually, the first step is to start to accept yourself as you are and begin to love yourself as you are. Astrologically look for aspects between the Sun and Saturn.

Heart palpitations symbolise total chaos in matters of the heart. Often, it is a fear of confronting matters concerning love and important life questions. Learning to make decisions and prioritise actions will restore order. Astrologically look for aspects between the Sun and Uranus and/or Neptune.

Heart failure occurs when your heart can no longer cope with all the demands of life and when you lose the will to live. A number of events tend to lead up to this - all of which cause a depletion of life energy. Fulfilling tasks only as long as they serve a purpose, understanding when it is time to step aside, yielding to the greater good and trusting in it (with open heart) will expand and rejuvenate your heart. Astrologically look for aspects between the Sun and Neptune.

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Heart beats

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