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Mercury Retrograde and Learning Difficulties

A picture of Albert Einstein and his E=MC2
Albert Einstein

Does your child or grandchild have learning difficulties? If you’ve been through this roller-coaster ordeal of feeling your child is an underachiever, or the school keeps pestering you to do more work at home or take your child to a speech pathologist or logopedist then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The first thing I do is look at the child’s birth chart – where is Mercury and where is Saturn and possibly the Moon? Learning or speaking is associated with hearing. The vibrations of sound cause the eardrum to vibrate and thus impact the tiny bones (ruled by Saturn) in the middle ear. Then sound is transferred to the inner ear which has the hearing nerve (ruled by Mercury) and then sends these impulses to the brain. If Mars is involved usually the left ear has disorders, if only Saturn, the right ear. Challenging aspects between these two planets often indicate dyslexia and deafness. If the challenging aspects are between Mercury and the Moon, or if Mercury is in Cancer, it can indicate a child whose emotional wellbeing is directly linked to having a voice and hearing instruction.  

Further I look to see if Mercury was Retrograde at the time of birth. If it was, I look to the ephemeris to see when Mercury will turn Direct again, work out what age this will take place at and this will indicate when communication begins, as if by itself.

Saturn makes developmental dynamics slower – or more concise as in the case of Albert Einstein. He had a difficult aspect between Saturn and Mercury and was considered a slow learner in his childhood. He also, I believe, has the shortest most famous quote: E=MC2 

Have you experienced learning difficulties or problems with speech in your close circle? Share your story in our Facebook Group The Self-Healing Circle Community and let’s look for the deeper meaning and solutions!

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