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New year’s resolutions? How to declutter your life

Declutter your life

Come the new year, most people like to make new year’s resolutions. What will I change this year? How will I improve my relationships? How much weight will I lose? How will I find courage to apply for that promotion? I used to be there too and most years, if I’m honest, nothing that I had planned improved. Life just seemed to continue in an ad hoc way.

It's only now that I realise that in order to make changes and welcome something new into our lives, we need to let go of the old. We need to make way, make space for the new life we wish to embrace. Again, not so easy. Things like - I need to stop having negative thoughts or I need to be more understanding toward my colleagues. I need to stop buying those creamy cakes during my lunch break. The list can go on. So, my suggestion, that I have found works for me, is much more practical. Make space – literally.

First, I open the pantry or wherever you store your food products. We often don’t even realise what we have accumulated over the last 12 months. Clear it out! Look at the use by dates – if necessary throw it out! Look at the stuff you’ve bought thinking this will be useful one day – if you're not going to use it and the date is good – donate! Shelf by shelf, cupboard by cupboard. Then clean each shelf so that it is shiny and welcoming for this year’s bounty. Everywhere and anywhere you store food – this is a first. What is food? Food is energy – we are what we eat – I’m sure you’ve heard that saying. We are also what we store – whether it is out of date food or anything else for that matter - also out of date thoughts and misconceptions. You’ll see you already feel some lightness to your energy – space for new more positive energy.

I would also suggest not stopping there. See how it goes the first time. Next you could approach your family’s wardrobes – what clothes have you not worn for at least 2 years? Maybe longer? Do you really need all that clutter? Donate! So many have so little. Share what you have, don’t hoard it for a rainy day. Some people are having that rainy day today!

Another popular thing these days are storage areas or boxes or warehouses. Whatever they are called in your part of the world. Really? Do you really need so much stuff that there is not enough space in your home and you need to pay to store it somewhere? Take a deep breath and think about it. Maybe you find it difficult to let go – this doesn’t just refer to stuff – it refers to everything in your life. Can you let go of pain and suffering felt or experienced in the past? Can you let go of harsh words people have said to you? Can you let go of judging the actions of others? Can you let go of anger? These are just a few things to consider. The accumulation of negative emotions or memories is detrimental to your health. Your body naturally seeks to protect itself from this negativity – this can mean building a protective wall around it – in other words - gaining weight. This can mean having liver problems – the organ that stores anger. This can mean having stomach problems – the organ that harbours nervous energy. Or what about the tension in your body, not being able to release stress due to fear and anxiety?

Any storage area you have needs decluttering to make way for the new year and the new you. In fact, you should declutter every morning and here I’m talking about all the toxins in your body. Your morning routine should not only involve going to the toilet to let go of “you know what”, but also a short meditation to let your mind find equilibrium and peace and let go of any negative thoughts or experiences from the previous day or night. Think about it!

Let’s start the new year with some decluttering and cleansing!

Look out for my next mediation group session come the New Moon in Aquarius on February 10th and let’s declutter together!

Alternatively, an online astrology consultation can help you see which area of your life needs decluttering the most!


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