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What to expect in 2024!

As we are approaching the third week of 2024, I thought you would enjoy some pointers on what to expect in 2024. During online consultations the main question is “what should I look out for?” Although this is important and I will speak about this today, I would like to take this moment to remind you that living in a fear set will negatively impact your daily life and health. You should look at any challenges in life as steppingstones and consider what you can learn from each such situation.

This brings us to what I love about my work. Astrology isn’t about predictions, like you would expect from a clairvoyant, even though the patterns in the sky are predictable. Your state of awareness will determine how any event, happy or sad, resonates with you personally. So, the better you understand your stars and footprint in this life, the better you will be able to navigate life’s ups and downs. By reading your Birth Chart Report ( birth-chart-e-report ( ) you will learn about yourself. Once are ready to accept and be open to your life journey, you will live a more fulfilling life. Don’t miss out on January’s offer! (See below!)

But to 2024. If we are looking at challenges, then firstly we should consider the upcoming eclipses. In 2024 we will be continuing the eclipse series in Libra and Aries that started last year. The next eclipses in this series will be a continuation or possible turning point of what started in October 2024. When you know your Rising Sign then you’ll know which Houses the eclipses take place in for you specifically and then you will understand which areas of your life they are likely to affect. But also remember that they can affect you both personally and globally. So, make a note of the end of March and September when we will have Lunar Eclipses and the beginning of April and October when we will experience Solar Eclipses.

So, what are eclipses? These are major endings or major beginnings that may be felt as disruptive influences in your life at that time. The definition:  An eclipse occurs either when the moon stands between the earth and the sun and the moon's body temporarily occults the sun (as viewed from certain points on earth, Solar Eclipse). Or when the earth stands between the sun and the moon and the earth's shadow temporarily darkens the moon (Lunar Eclipse). 

The Solar Eclipse in April will be crossing the Eastern part of the United States and may be visible there. The next time we will have such a great eclipse will be in 2045, so take note and follow what’s unfolding in the news this year. Generally, the two eclipses at the end of March and beginning of April are most notable. At this time, we will also have major planetary alignments in Aries – the sign ruled by Mars – the warrior planet striving for independence and new beginnings.

Where is this happening in your Birth Chart? Look to see where your Rising Sign is and which Houses Aries and Libra are in. If for example you are a Capricorn Rising, then these eclipses will take part in your 10th House of career in Libra and in your 4th House of home and the family in Aries. What started in October 2023 when these eclipses first started in these Houses? There could be major changes in your home and living situation – are you planning a move? Do you want to change something in your present home? What’s happening in your parents’ lives? Is your relationship changing? With Libra this can indicate major changes in your career, public profile or general life direction – maybe a certain chapter of work life is ending to make way for a new one.

However, if you are a Pisces Rising then these eclipses will take place in Aries - your 2nd House of finances and Libra – your 8th House of shared resources. Your relationship to finances and resources may change. The 2nd House indicates your personal finances while the 8th, joint resources - these could be changes in your partner’s income which affects you personally. This House also represents debt, taxes, but also inheritance. In some way, these topics will come up for you as part of an ongoing process that started last year.

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